My name is Kim.
This crazy cupcake adventure all started with my love for baking and making crafts.  Creating fun things with mixed media has always been a passion of mine.  Cupcakes became another form of media for me.  Frostings have become my clay and icing my paint!  LOVE IT!!

My mother was the first to introduce me to baking and decorating.  She has always made cakes for friends and family.  I began creating fun cupcakes and desserts for my friends and family many years ago.  I started experimenting with cupcakes and different flavor combinations.  I love having a beautiful display, so making different cupcake and cake stands is another passion that I have grown to love.  I decided that a cupcake truck was in order.  In September 2012 I launched our Cupcake Van!  Today we are a small "mom and pop" business that is steadily growing with lots of fans and customers!

We are having a GREAT time and enjoy the amazing support and enthusiasm from the community!

Providing beautiful and delicious cupcakes, it's a dream come true!

How it started

People ask how we came to sell cupcakes off of a van.  I was working as a secretary, but had been making cupcakes for years for all my friends and family.  With all the cupcake craze in other cities and all the TV shows about cupcakes, I finally thought to myself if I want to open a cupcake shop or food truck I'd better get on it before someone in Rapid City beats me to it!  So I had this bright idea that "Cupcakes should come to the people instead of the people going to the cupcakes!"  And that's how the idea was born!  In June of 2012 I asked my husband, "What do you think about a cupcake truck?"  He thought I was crazy.  I told him that I knew it would be a success.  Everyone loved my cupcakes, but had no way of getting to me.  We couldn't afford to open a storefront, so why not have a mobile cupcakery!

In July of 2012, with a blue canopy and a folding table (we didn't have the van yet) Star Spangled Batter made its first public appearance at the Main Street Square Farmer's Market and then on to the Farmer's Market at Founder's Park.  The response was amazing- I was selling out right off the picnic table!  Orders started to come and I
just knew this was meant to be!  Two months later, September 2012, we pulled up to the Farmer's Market on Omaha Street in "Betsy" our mobile cupcake van!

It's been a pretty exciting journey so far.  Today we have the van rolling around to all kinds of events in Rapid City!  We are also so proud to announce that we have opened our storefront at 3618 Canyon Lake Drive, Suite 104, in the Steele Plaza (Piesano's Parking Lot).